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Start your own eCommerce business selling Utoya Brand Hemp derived CBD and Delta 8 THC products

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Bruce Hovland Founder and CEO

Why Utoya’s turn-key eCommerce Store?

Get in this fast growing Industry

Annalists predict the hemp industry will grow 700% over the next 4 years. From $600 million in 2019 to over 22 billion by 2024. Get your piece of the action today!

Utoya is an established brand

Buy right from the manufacturer at the best prices in the industry. With 70 products and growing we offer something for everyone. Salon quality skin care, tintures, topicals and edibles. Pet products too.

Drop shipping

Minimal Inventory. NO shipping hassles. All orders ship in one to two business days through priority mail USPS 2 day delivery

Protected territories

Your distributorship will be geographically located through our Google My Business network allowing your store to be recognized first. So if someone searches locally your store not mine will pull up.

No Overhead low start up costs

Unlike most businesses eCommerce affords very little to NO overhead expenses making it easier to grow at your own pace. For best results get a starter kit for $499.00, includes a product package, brochures and samples. Or just SELL with web site alone.

Are you ready to start ? Get to it!

When selling products online, your able to reach a much wider consumer base than a traditional brick-and-mortar store . An eCommerce business doesn’t have the same burden of monthly expenses. Making it much easier to show a profit. You can even write off a percentage of your household expenses as office space. As your business grows so does the value of your store. 

We would love you on our team

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All that with a 100% guarantee!

To provide you a top rated eCommerce site with state of the art plugins and support to grow your business. We guarantee when following our simple program, using our content your site will be profitable and it’s value will grow. Secure your future with eCommerce in a niche market. My success is dependent on yours.

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