Sell Hemp Derived CBD & Delta 8 THC

Utoya Organics is on the cutting edge of Hemp Derived products and welcome you to sell, buy or start your own eCommerce store on our platform. We have several ways to get you in this booming market.

Start with us how you want!

Sales with Benefits

Start Selling Today! Get Paid Fast! And work to qualify for your own Ecommerce website.

Start selling today

●Utoya email, brochures and business cards. ●Plus access to our Drive to upload sales, invoicing and commission schedules.
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Master Distributor

Get instant access to your personal Utoya marketplace site! Sell products anywhere!

Start your Utoya Business

buy in for a sub wholesale cost of 60% off! ● Distributorship includes full Ecommerce website, Coupons, Dropshiping, and more! ● Requires 1000$ product package of your choosing.
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Join The Utoya Production Team!

Apply to join the Utoya Production Team and Learn how our products are made!

Are you a hard worker looking for a solid position within Utoya's Growing Family?

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You can be an Affiliate, sell in your retail store, or start your own Utoya E-comerce buissness . With Utoya Its fast an Easy!

Get in this fast growing Industry

Annalists predict the hemp industry will grow 700% over the next 4 years. From $600 million in 2019 to over 22 billion by 2024. Get your piece of the action today!

Utoya is an established brand

Buy right from the manufacturer at the best prices in the industry. With 70 products and growing we offer something for everyone. Salon quality skin care, tinctures, topicals and edibles. Pet products too.

Drop shipping

Minimal Inventory. NO shipping hassles. All orders ship in one to two business days through priority mail USPS 2 day delivery

Protected territories

Your distributorship will be geographically located through our Google My Business network allowing your store to be recognized first. So if someone searches locally your store will appear in search.

No Overhead low start up costs

Unlike most businesses eCommerce affords very little to NO overhead expenses making it easier to grow at your own pace. For best results get a starter kit for $499.00, includes a product package, brochures and samples. Or just SELL with web site alone.

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